Tips for summer travel and the vacation season ahead:

Tires: The summer's heat is a tire's worst enemy; particularly for tires that are low on air and tread. I suggest that before any long trips, you have the tires inspected for tread suitable for that trip. Air inflation is also important to help the tires run cool on the road and maximize fuel economy.

Brakes: Your vehicle's brakes generate energy in the form of heat every time you stop your vehicle. The extra heat of summer can often create a brake failure that can be a safety concern. I suggest that before you pack the car, tow the camper or boat, you have the brakes and components inspected for proper function.

Steering: Although the heat has little effect on the vehicle's steering, it is good common sense to make sure that the steering mechanism is in good working order for your travel and trips. Don't forget to check all fluid levels, especially engine coolant as well as the integrity of all lights and wiper blades.

Please contact me for an appointment for your summer maintenance, so we can determine what services you may need to keep you driving safely.
Thank you for your patronage. Mark