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Fuel economy:

With gas prices escalating, here are a few considerations on how to increase your mileage and fuel economy.

  • A properly aligned vehicle reduces drag and extends tire life.
  • Proper tire inflation reduces rolling resistance (today's cars have tire pressure monitoring systems that don't always work) Check the air in your tires.
  • Brake system inspections and cleanings will reduce drag and increase fuel economy. words
Coming to your town soon...Winter! Tips for our winter season...

Winter preparation in the northeast is critical due to the severity of our weather. Marginal wear in under car components can be dangerous.

Tires: It is important to consider if new tires are needed. Edge wear and low tread may prevent proper traction and negatively impact overall handling. Proper tire air inflation during winter months is very important as temperature fluctuations will cause air loss.

Wheel Alignment: Vehicle alignment is important to keep the rear wheels tracking with the front wheels. It also protects your investment in new tires, insuring even wear. During this procedure, the vehicle's steering and suspension components can be inspected for winter safety. Marginally worn parts are affected by extreme cold.

Brakes: It is important to have the brakes inspected and serviced as needed for the winter. Again, marginally worn brakes are greatly impacted by the extreme cold. For example, extreme cold can cause dissimilar metals to expand and contract at different rates. A worn and rusted brake caliper could lock, causing overheating, improper traction and additional damage to your brakes. This is a good time of year to make sure the vehicle's anti-lock brake system is functioning. (If equipped with this system)

Overall: Be prepared for winter. Check vehicle coolant levels and quality. Check all belts and hoses as well as fluid levels...notably, windshield washer fluid. New wiper blades are important (spring and fall) to insure proper visibility due to road spray. An emergency kit appropriate for winter (gloves, blanket, snow shovel, flashlight, flares) is suggested.

Please contact me for an appointment for your winter maintenance, so we can determine what services you may need to keep you driving safely. Let us help to ensure the efficiency of your vehicle

Stay safe!

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