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Fuel economy:

With gas prices escalating, here are a few considerations on how to increase your mileage and fuel economy.

  • A properly aligned vehicle reduces drag and extends tire life.
  • Proper tire inflation reduces rolling resistance (today's cars have tire pressure monitoring systems that don't always work) Check the air in your tires.
  • Brake system inspections and cleanings will reduce drag and increase fuel economy.

After winter's poor road conditions, I have some recommendations to help ensure safe driving.


Have your vehicle's tires inspected for condition and / or possible damage for safe continued use. Remember to remove snow tires after winter is truly over, as they are made of a softer rubber compound and will wear prematurely in warmer temperatures.


Have your vehicle's steering and suspension systems inspected.


Have your vehicle's wheel alignment checked after the abuse of winter's potholes and / or curb collisions. It is recommended a car be aligned once a year, or every 12,000 miles. A properly aligned vehicle provides better tire wear, better handling / steering control, and increased fuel economy. It is also beneficial to have your vehicle aligned after installing new tires.


The brake systems on all of today's vehicles are built with a variety of materials in the components, and with tight tolerances. I recommend a preventative brake maintenance service to remove the damaging effects of winter's salt corrosion. This will help to ensure the safety and integrity of the brakes; possibly increasing fuel economy.

Oil Changes, etc.:

If your vehicle is due for an interval oil change, you may also want to consider new wiper blades for the rain of spring and summer. Nothing beats a good set of wipers and a clear windshield when dealing with pouring rain and annoying road spray. I would also suggest a check of all exterior lighting.

Please contact me for an appointment for your spring maintenance, so we can determine what services you may need to keep you driving safely. Let us help to ensure the efficiency of your vehicle.

Thank you for your patronage.

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